Board of Directors

Executive Committee

  • Greg Reid - Chair
  • Nathan Peterson- Chair Elect
  • Brad Poll - Treasurer
  • Rob James
  • Frances Larsen
  • Marsha Prantil
  • Gayle Tingey
  • Artemis Vamianakis


  • Alan Blackburn
  • Bruce Bowen
  • James E. Cannon
  • Alta Davis
  • Durell Dibb
  • Jeffrey Haas
  • Natalie Harris
  • Gayle Linford
  • Jeff Paoletti
  • Angela Romero
  • Jackie Sexton
  • Terri Smith
  • Irene Thurston
  • Howard Van Boerum
  • Jodi Wagner
  • Beth Whisamore

Advisory Board

  • Rachel S. Benator, MD
  • Randy B. Carter, OD
  • Michael Conklin, OD
  • Jarrod E. Davies, OD
  • David C. Dries, MD
  • Roger P. Harrie, MD
  • Robert O. Hoffman, MD
  • Michael Judkins, OD
  • Majid Moshirfar, MD
  • Randall J. Olson, MD
  • Darcy H. Wolsey, MD

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  • “Thanks to a Friends for Sight Vision Screening, our son was diagnosed with Amblyopia and able to receive patch therapy. Our family is so appreciative because Amblyopia has the best chance of being corrected the earlier it is caught."