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SightFest FAQs

SightFest events offer free, general eye exams and eye glasses to students who do not otherwise have access to vision care or glasses:

  • Contact lens assistance is not available.
  • Students who have been diagnosed with advanced ocular/visual issues or have special needs are required to see a specialist, which is not available at SightFest, see details below.
  • Students requesting a “backup pair of glasses” or “second opinion” are not eligible.

Who Is Eligible?

Students in Kindergarten through 12th grade who are able to identify letters/shapes, follow directions well, answer questions, and are able to sit still, who failed their vision screening, and do not have medical insurance (including Medicaid) that covers a vision exam and/or glasses and is eligible for the reduced/free school lunch program (low income).

Eligibility Exceptions

  • Insurance copay is too expensive
  • Insurance deductible is too high
  • Insurance benefits have been used for that time period
  • Insurance will cover the exam only, but not glasses (attach a copy of the students valid prescription and they can pick out frames at SightFest)
  • No transportation to doctor
  • Guardians unable to take time off of work to take student to appointment
  • No family support (school has suggested to family that student needs exam/new glasses, but there has been no follow through)

Details on Glasses

Students will choose from a very large variety of brand new, name brand eye glass frames on the day of SightFest. They are shipped to the Essilor optical lab who donates labor and materials for each specific prescription. Completed glasses are returned approximately 4-6 weeks later. Students prescribed glasses will be transported to have them dispensed or will be
delivered to them at school and will have adjustments made, vision checked and will be given a new glasses case and cleaning cloth.

Was Advanced Follow Up Care Recommended?

Some students who have an exam at SightFest are recommended follow up/advanced care.

Friends for Sight works with parents and/or district to schedule with an ophthalmologist/specialized optometrist at their vision clinics at Glendale-Mountain View or Liberty Community Learning Centers or coordinating clinic (or refer to insurance, when applicable).